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What To Do After a Fire in Your Home or Business

Without skilled professionals to help clean the smoke and fire damage, your building (Or home) will never return to normal. No one wants to see their home or commercial building damaged by smoke and fire, but when it happens, most people don't know where to start. After the fire department leaves, you can expect many weeks or months of cleaning, odor removal, and many times, repair and construction. The sooner the recovery starts, the less additional (Secondary) damage there will be, and the faster you are back in the property.

Consider these suggestions:

  • Don't hire the "Fire Chaser" that hangs around the property waiting for the fire department to leave, only to high-pressure you into signing a contract with them!

  • Patiently search for a professional disaster recovery contractor that has a good reputation and reviews on Google, etc.

  • "Fire Chasers" listen to scanners and rush to the scene to try and sell Board-Up services just to get you hooked. Make sure your ONLY obligation to a board-up contractor is just that: board-up only.

  • Hire a restoration contractor that uses IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified technicians to perform the detailed restoration work, NOT simply a general contractor that doesn't have specific training to deal with fire, smoke, and odor.

The Structure:

Just because you don't "See" damage doesn't mean all is well. Soot and odor contamination can be everywhere; behind trim and in nooks and crannies, even between layers of structural material. Make sure to inspect ventilation systems, attics, crawl spaces, and even rooms that had closed doors. All of these areas are vulnerable to smoke and soot, and that residual odor will never leave your home, business, and belongings if not properly cleaned and deodorized.

Skilled fire and smoke clean-up specialists use the proper combination of cleaning agents, air cleaning equipment, and deodorizers to clean up the damage in the affected areas. Ash and soot discolors most surfaces, and anything made of plastic close to the fire will start discoloring withuin minutes. Within several hours, fiberglass and finishes on appliances will begin to yellow and even etch. After a few days, the soot will cause wall and ceilings to discolor permenantly. Certified professionals know how to remove soot, odor, and other contamination, and understand how to mitigate the different types of soot for different types of fires. Each situation has its own procedures and protocols, and certified restoration contractors follow IICRC protocols so you can be sure there are no lingering odors or damage.

Personal Contents:

Damage to your personal belongings can be devastating, since we are usually more emotional about our personal contents than we are about the structure. Most soot or smoke damaged personal items (Clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.) can be restored by removing soot and odors, so you can have all of your familiar items back. Professional textile (Clothing, soft goods, etc.) restorers, electronics restoration experts, even art and document restorers are able to return your personal contents completely cleaned and odor free.

The Decision is Yours:

YOU have the ultimate decision who restores and repairs your home or business back to "Pre-loss" condition, NOT your insurance carrier, although they will likely try push one of their "Preferred Vendors" your way. Remember, the choice is yours. Do your homework and hire a restoration contractor that you're comfortable with, who has YOUR best interest at heart, not the insurance carrier.

If you, or someone you know needs assistance after a fire, call the professionals at Turning Point Restoration, LLC for 24/7 immediate assistance. We'll be the "Turning Point" of your disaster.